I'm Tim, welcome to my site.

I write software for a living. I do it in my free time too. I also play games, write a blog, and homebrew beer and wine.

My degree came from the University of Illinois (Computer Engineering). Now I lay my head near St. Louis, MO working at Enterprise Holdings.

You can find me at:

Or any of the places described below.

Out of college I worked at Wolfram Research, Inc., the makers of Wolfram Alpha, Mathematica, and a variety of other interesting projects. I was a systems engineer for about a year and a half before moving over to a development role on the Wolfram Public Cloud and the Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud. I also interned there my senior year.

After almost three years with Wolfram, I moved down St. Louis way with my then girlfriend (now fiancée) and found a new job at Enterprise Holdings. I've been there since September of 2016 doing development for their reservation and booking orchestration.

My resume will be available here once it's updated or you can visit my LinkedIn, if that info is relevant to you.

This section is a work in progress -- it will contain quick hits on the projects I'm most excited about and links to my tech blog (once I migrate it off my defunct current platform).

This section too is a work in progress -- It will contain info on my above tech blog, my personal blog, and my Magic: the Gathering statistics blog "Magic by the Numbers" once they are migrated over.

I recently started streaming on Twitch -- you can find me at TheBeardedFlagon several days a week usually. The stream is a hobbyist venture, not a professional one, and it's been a lot of fun so far. Come say hi or check out my replays on Youtube. I typically tweet about what and when I'm streaming on my twitter, linked up at the top.